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Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Interoperability Plan

Washington RHSCD IV – v1.0 approved on 7 December 2011, superseded by:
Washington RHSCD IV – v1.1 approved on 14 May 2015

Update to Appendix A – 31 March 2014

Update to Appendix B – 5 August 2023

Update to Appendix C – 22 March 2016

Update to Appendix D – 15 August 2015

So, you want to talk to a federal station on 60-meters?
Read this first:

Interoperability — Amateur and Non-Amateur Stations

Proposals Submitted to the ARRL

2013 – Updating the ARRL Public Service Honor Roll

2016 – Proposal to Change ARRL Bylaw #7
(to be inclusive of those living below the poverty line)

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